LIve Performance

The Musical Mindz Band is designed to meet the need of your events and can be featured as a small ensemble or full band.  

Musical Mindz trio

The Musical Mindz Trio great way to create a cool ambience for restaurants, lounges and cocktail parties when you need a small ensemble to play jazz, funk and instrumental popular songs.  

Violin and Acoustic Duo

The violin and acoustic guitar duo is an uber creative collaboration that  features Carey Durham on violin, vocals and loops  and Marc Baldwin on guitar and loops.   Known for bringing That Vibe to your events, the duo  weaves through  your favorite cover songs and grooves past originals  songs.  This duo is well worth the listen.  

Ebony and Ivory Acoustic covers your Favorite songs

Ebony & Ivory Acoustic puts on a fun and entertaining show that features top 40 songs from all decades.  Ebony Mattox is the songbird and is a provides gorgeous vocals over the smooth guitar playing of Marc Baldwin.  Check out more on FB and IG